One-Word Wednesday

My #2 son sends the ball down the alley on Easter. It was unlimited bowling for $10!


What could be more fun than bowling while watched by your adoring parents?

This was one of the 12(!) games my younger son bowled.

Somehow #2’s right arm stayed attached, and he had his fill of bowling . . . for now.

2 responses to “One-Word Wednesday

  1. Wow. 12 games?!? I am impressed!

    I am the world’s worst bowler. I cannot seem to crack 100…much less like, 50. Maybe in 12 games I could though…combining all of the scores… 🙂

    Cute pictures!!

    • Thanks for the kind words! We kept hoping he would quit well before game 12, but teenagers apparently have internal batteries that continuously recharge within them.

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