Another Cute Baby Boy

Dillon is styling in his indoor ATV walker.

Looks like it’s cutie-patootie week here on the blog!

Showing off those little chompers!

We visited with the Mister’s great-nephew Dillon (the son of his niece Melissa) on Easter. Remember him here and here?

Dillon loves cellphones.

Our cute, little guy is 10 months old now and always on the move.

The fake cellphone tastes a little better.

He’s crawling like a champ and pulling up. He’ll probably be walking the next time we see him.

Dillon reads by chewing a Thomas book we gave him.

Dillon is so fascinating to watch!

I think we all do this when we feed babies!

Isn’t it great how babies add so much to family get-togethers?

“Did you forget about me, Mom?”

Even babies who are almost 16 years old!


4 responses to “Another Cute Baby Boy

  1. Yes, now that all the nieces and nephews are growing up it’s time to start thinking about grandchildren. What am I saying? Definately don’t want to rush that.

  2. Hi, im having a library program about the importance of books for babies and how they need to explore books with all their senses. Do you mind if I use your picture for a private slide show? It will be shown to several groups of parents. Thank you.

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