Movie Review: If I Had a Hammer

Chris Hemsworth plays a very hunky Thor.

Truth be told, even though “Thor” continues my streak of recent eye-candy movies, I really wanted to see it on Mother’s Day, because I knew my sons would love it.

Which they did, of course. It was the perfect guy movie: Lots of action that included Norse gods and scary-looking frost giants. Testosterone fairly oozes from Thor, ably and hunkily played with great humor by Chris Hemsworth.

Odin (Thor’s pops) takes away Thor’s hammer to teach him a lesson.

But I also really liked “Thor,” and not just because Hemsworth is great to look at (love his smile!). The movie weaves an interesting story that holds your attention from start to finish (although it’s a little confusing at times) with plenty of comic relief.

Thor, crown prince of Asgard, gets a little too big for his britches and starts a war with the frost giants just because he can. His father, Odin (wonderfully played by Anthony Hopkins), takes him down a peg, banishing the god of thunder to Earth and partially burying his power source, his hammer Mjolnir, close by. Thor can’t get the hammer (his powers) back until he transforms from being a pompous and arrogant warrior to a caring, humble person.

Jane Foster likes Thor (duh!).

Helping Thor change is scientist Jane Foster, played by Natalie (not a favorite) Portman, who hits the Norseman with her van when he lands in the desert. The duo fall in love in the least-believable part of the movie (yes, even less plausible than the heat-seeking robot). Maybe it’s because I’m not a Portman fan, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between them.

“Thor” is fun for the entire family (it’s fine for young teens, too). Be prepared to laugh a lot as you root for the god of thunder to make things right.

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