And Now There Are Four . . . Again

My older son’s belongings (and a dolly from the Mister’s business) fill up our car.

All is right with our world for the most part: My #1 son is back home! We drove the three hours from Houston to the University of Texas at San Antonio last Friday, helped him finish packing and cleaning his dorm, and then sandwiched all his worldly possessions into the Mister’s Honda Odyssey.

Isn’t it self-explanatory what this is?

Sidebar: I had told my older son not to pack his cleaning supplies, because he needed them to clean his dorm room. Otherwise, the housing powers charge extra. He texted me that he found a sponge but no cleaner. I walked into his bathroom area, opened the cabinets, and, of course, easily found the Lysol that had been sitting there lonely and unused the entire school year. Were the words “Bathroom Cleaner” not obvious enough?

The brothers are ready for the long trip back home.

We had a nice, leisurely drive back. My #1 son obviously was glad to be done with his finals and his freshman year. He had learned so much being away from home and having to figure things out on his own.

And now he knows what the bathroom cleaner looks like!


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