Dr. Seuss Would Approve

Purple horsemint mingle with other wildflowers.

When I see a wildflower like these purple horsemint, I think of one thing:

A four-story purple horsemint

Dr. Seuss!

Purple horsemint dominate the other wildflowers.

In fact, when I spied what looked like furry grape popsicles standing out among the rest of the wildflowers in our neighboring master-planned community over the weekend, I called them purple Seussians. They just look like something Theodor Seuss Geisel would’ve had in one of his books. As in “Horton Hears a Who While Smelling the Purple Seussians.”

White horsemint

Even though the purple variety predominate, some white horsemint bring a paler Seussian touch.

Purple and white join forces.

I even spotted a hybrid Seussian to add to the fun.

But the Seussians weren’t the only wildflowers that caught my eye the other day.

Indian Blankets and bluebonnets . . . two of my favorite wildflowers

Much to my surprise, there still were bluebonnets blooming! I figured that since Texas’ beautiful state flower had appeared so early this year, they’d be long gone by early May. But there were several patches still hanging on.

The good news? The bees must have had their fill of all the bluish-purple flowers’ goodness, so there were none around to chase me.

Bluebonnets always make me smile!

Not one bee? That was okay with me!


2 responses to “Dr. Seuss Would Approve

  1. Susan,

    This is beautiful! I know that you, like I live in NT. Where is this? I thought the HOA didn’t leave any wildflower plots.

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