A Floral Apology

Indian Blanket: What a wonderful name for a wildflower!

Whenever I write a post like yesterday’s that features wildflowers, I must admit that I chuckle.

Same name but different look

I’m imagining the looks on the faces of my beloved oldest nieces, Becky and Lisa, as they read it.

Mexican hats: Another great name!

When I saw the sisters last month, they both admitted that they much prefer when I write about and show off photos of people in my blog. Enough with the flowers, they said. Gently, of course, because they care about their old aunt’s feelings.

Pink phlox drummondii is sparse but pretty.

Now I do really appreciate feedback about my blog. It’s nice to know that I’m not writing in a vacuum.

A fly enjoys its perch on the coreopsis.

But asking me to stop posting flower power photos? That would be like asking me to stop loving both of my wonderful nieces.

I’m not sure what kind of wildflower this is, but I love how delicate it is.

Sorry, kiddos, but you’ll just have to put up with your aunt’s wildflower obsession once again. I just can’t help it if these pretty posies remind me of how beautiful both of you are!

5 responses to “A Floral Apology

  1. Awe I love all your posts. I can’t help it that your family posts are my favorite ones. :). Love you!

  2. Ditto – you can’t fault us for prefering to see you, Jake, CJ, and Rick over nature. No bug compares to my family

  3. I love the flower posts. What I don’t like is that you don’t have them posted somewhere that I could choose large size prints of some of the ones that you show.

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