Neighborly Floral Activity

What a colorful sight in my neighbor’s front yard!

This is how I know that my next-door neighbor Tami likes me: She recently planted pretty lantanas in her front yard.

Reddish-orange lantanas

Tami is blessed with a green thumb, and her yard looks great.

A pale pink and yellow variety

Some might think that she plants what she believes will look best in her front bed, but I know the truth—she wants me to have something beautiful to photograph!

It amazes me how the different colors come together.

Thanks, neighbor! Much appreciated!!


6 responses to “Neighborly Floral Activity

  1. Lovely pics: like the way you captured the simple beauty of the lantana.

  2. Its fascinating to see it when its a lovely flower. It really is attractive. Lantana is a noxious weed here so it is sprayed and burnt. Great images (as always!) xx

  3. I’ve always wondered what those flowered were called. Thanks.
    Aren’t you lucky to have such nice neighbors.

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