Typo Tyme

Kroger apparently hires workers . . . and then sells them!

Following in the footsteps of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have a confession to make: I hate grammatical and punctuation errors and typos. Especially my own!

Sidebar: I wish I had a buck for every time I see “its” (the possessive) misused as “it’s” (the “it is” contraction) and vice versa on signs, flyers, and even, sadly, in newspapers. Yes, “Houston Chronicle,” I’m talking about you!

Take the above signs that I snapped at my local Kroger grocery store. I’m surprised they’re in focus; I was laughing so hard when I saw someone had written “crewfish” instead of “crawfish.” Made me think that “crewfish” were the rookie employees! Apparently, Kroger sells them and hires more to sell!

Does “inconvience” sound like “inconvenience?”

Here’s a typo that I see too often—people just can’t spell “inconvenience” correctly. Is it an inconvenience to use a dictionary? I use the WordWeb app on my iPhone when I’m spelling challenged!

Ever heard of a dictionary?

Once again, the dictionary or the WordWeb app should be the sign maker’s friend. By the way, the 88-cent special on Coney dogs is today, and my sons will be taking full advantage! They love James Coney Island (it can’t compare to Chicago hot dogs, but I’m kinda prejudiced).

Let’s just put commas everywhere!

Improper comma use runs rampant in the Houston area! When I was snapping this photo, the guy in the van said, “We added the comma (between about and carpet), because we added more services.”

Go ahead and throw in more services . . . but put the comma in the correct spot after the word carpet!

Speaking of the curly punctuation mark that should give one pause, this was a comment posted on a forum about the movie “Source Code”:

“. . . because he was severely mutilated and in a comma.”

Really? There are commas in comas? Sounds like it’s typo tyme!


8 responses to “Typo Tyme

  1. You have so scratched my itch, Susan–these things drive me crazy. Just ask my family who is way tired of me pointing out typos in every kind of venue. Are we all in a “comma” when it comes to spelling? As you point out, there are dictionaries, there are apps, there is spell check–how the heck hard can it be. Lynn Slovonsky, where are you? 🙂 Liz

  2. I still like your sandwitch sign picture from that deli in Town Center. I was horrified last month when I reread one of my emails I sent out and I used there incorrectly. I felt so stupid.

  3. Very funny, although I hardly think your confession is as, well, dare I say lascivious (since I am not sure how to spell it) as the Gov’s.

  4. Great spellers of the world untie!

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