Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

A Unique Back Palette

My younger son’s back is quite colorful without the patches.

Wondering what my younger son’s back looks like now that the patches from his 92 allergens are off?

Wonder no longer!

You know how they say you always hurt the one you love? I think they were talking about taking very sticky adhesive tape off that loved one’s body. I don’t know who was wincing more, my son or me. I felt terrible pulling it off, but at least #2 was relieved that he could move more easily without all that excess padding. He still has to keep his back dry, so we couldn’t wash off what was left behind.

This afternoon we go back to the dermatologist to see what if anything he’s allergic to that could be wreaking havoc with his eczema. I just hope they’re going to scrub his back and clean him up!