Man Overboard

My older son and “third son” Chase try to tip over my younger son.

It looks like I might get a lot of photo mileage out of our new pool float. As you may recall, I wrote about how this innocuous, round inflatable became an element of danger for my sons.

Now it’s Chase’s turn to try to stay on the float.

When they’re not busy standing on it and trying not to get knocked off by the big beach ball, they do their best to dump off the person who is lying on it.

Chase overboard!

As my sons demonstrate above!

Can my #2 son stay afloat?

When I envisioned the boys having hours of fun with the float, I thought it would be with them on the inflatable. Not trying to tip someone off it. Boys!

The strong #2 son flips over the other two.

I will admit that sometimes the way they fall off the float into the water is funny.

All that’s left to see are feet! (This photo cracks me up!)

Which definitely makes that photo mileage enjoyable!

Allergy update

It turns out that my younger son is allergic to lanolin, which is in all the products we had been advised to use to help his eczema all these years, and some fragrance additives. No wonder his medicine made him so itchy!

2 responses to “Man Overboard

  1. Wow! Isn’t that something that the cure was part of the cause–only making everything worse!

    Love the last picture of all the feet in the water!

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