More Pool Danger

My older son hovers over the float he’s about to jump on.

In their apparently never-ending quest to make mom nervous, my sons (including my “third son,” Chase) continue to create new ways to make harmless pool toys hazardous.

Keeping it steady.

The theme of the summer of 2011? Pool Danger. Why is the “Theme From a ‘Summer Place'” (the Lettermen’s version) playing in my head?

Backbend time!

How naive I was to think that my sons would actually use the colorful float that we bought for its intended purpose: Lazing away on the cooling water.

The slow descent into the water

Oh, I figured they might fight over who got to lie on it. The diplomacy of taking turns is a lost art when it comes to teenage boys.

Chase struggles to keep his balance.

But, silly me, I didn’t think they’d actually try to surf on the inflatable. Especially when falling off means they could hit their heads on hard surfaces and horribly injure themselves.

No one falls into the water quite like Chase!

I guess being in the pool is risky business. Whatever happened to actually swimming?

Splash landing!

Looks like they get their swimming in when they fall off the float!

Chase watches his bro start to spin off the float.

Of course, my older son decided to take the old surf-the-float trick up a notch.

Rolling in the air

He figured he would add even more excitement to it by jumping off and doing a roll in the air.

What goes up must come down.

Yet another way to make the innocuous pool toy dangerous?!?

Big splash!

I think I need to look into waterproof helmets!

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