Withering Wildflowers

This doesn’t look pretty at all.

With the Houston area in a severe drought, all the pretty wildflowers have just about disappeared. In fact, in the master-planned community next to mine, they’ve started mowing them away.

A gaggle of black-eyed Susans

Only a few wildflowers have been thriving. One is the black-eyed Susan (no relation except when my younger son accidentally hit me below the eye with the edge of a cabinet door when he was a toddler; I looked like I had been in a fight).

Soaking up the sun

These wildflowers seem to enjoy the adverse conditions. I like them, despite their name, because of their cheerful yellow color.

Morning glories trumpet their purple beauty.

The only other wildflower competing with the black-eyed Susans are lovely purple morning glories. Those purple and yellow colors will have to do until we get more rain.

Anyone want to join me in a rain dance?


4 responses to “Withering Wildflowers

  1. I love the lone Lazy Susan flower! We’ve been hearing in the news about the drought but I didn’t know it went as far south as Houston!

  2. A map in the Austin newspaper yesterday showed that almost all of Texas is in what is called an “exceptional drought.” In spite of that, I’ve been surprised at being able to find wildflowers to photograph here. Some of our native species are thriving in the current heat and lack of rain.

    Steve Schwartzman

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