A New Way to Capture Putting

The grumpy Mister prepares to practice a putt.

When you’ve snapped about a gazillion photos of disc golf, as I have over the last few years, life behind the old Nikon dSLR can be boring. How can you spark your photo enthusiasm for a subject that has gone stale?

Change your perspective!

The putt is on its way towards the basket.

Recently I tagged along with the Mister and our younger son to a disc golf practice session (which #2 drove us to and from as he gave his learner’s permit a workout).

Where will the disc land?

When I found myself on the opposite side of the basket from the Mister, who was putting, I thought I’d try something different. So I shot through the chains, keeping him in focus (quick tip: Switch to manual focus so your dSLR’s focal point doesn’t stray).

I had never tried photographing putting from this unique vantage point.

In the chains!

I’d say it was successful . . . for both of us!


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