Working Together

The Word Seek app—very compelling

My latest variety of iPad crack is the Word Seek app. It is extremely addicting.

My #2 son looks for possible words.

When my younger son was struggling last spring, nightly sessions of Word Seek helped me wind down from the stress of the day. Guess it was a cheaper form of valium.

The brothers check out the board.

Lately my #2 son and I have been tag-teaming with the app. I’ll start out and try to find as many words as I can (we use the no-time limit mode) and then hand the iPad off to him. Our best score so far? 80,000 points, which sounds impressive until you realize that we only found 50 percent of the possible words (some are very long and always escape us).

There’s a word!

Recently we pulled in the big brother to help us find more words among those 25 pesky letters. It was fun for me to watch my two sons working together on a lazy summer evening. In about a month, we won’t have #1 around to help us out, because he’ll be back at college.

The time is ticking away on our new quest: To score 100,000 points. Go, family Word Seek team, go!

2 responses to “Working Together

  1. Your first picture of Word Seek is gorgeous. The entire blog would be a good add for the iPad.

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