KanJammin’ It

The utterly irresistible Glen V (aka Glive)

I dare you.

Glen IV smiles at his namesake.

I double dare you.

Glive gets up close and personal with a disc golf basket in our backyard.

I triple dare you to not fall in love with this baby boy! Kelly and Glen’s sweetie gets cuter and more lovable every time I see him. Fortunately, Glen V’s dad and my baby boy are best buds, so when Glen comes over to visit, I get to have serious one-on-one time with baby Glive.

My younger son starts the big KanJam disc on its journey.

Recently, the Glens stopped by so that big Glen could play KanJam with my #2 son. Not surprisingly, Glen gave my boy this fun game for his 16th birthday, and now they look like they want to turn pro.

The Glens are ready to deflect the disc thrown by my #2 son (Glive looks skeptical, tho).

When Glive started missing his Pops while chilling with me indoors, Glen strapped him into his BabyBjorn, and he got to have fun, too.

Glen powers the disc towards my son.

KanJam seems simple enough to play. Open-topped plastic goals, which include a slot, are set up 50 feet apart. Players stand at each goal. Points are scored when the oversized disc hits the goal or is deflected at or into the goal by the partner. The ultimate? Getting the disc into the slot on the fly, which is an instant win.

#2 deflects Glen’s disc.

Sounds easy enough, but in reality it takes coordination to deflect discs towards the goal.

The disc is about to go into the Kan.

Fortunately, Glen and my younger son are mostly accurate throwers and limber athletes.


But that’s not to say that they missed out on a lot of points. The drizzle might have made the disc and grass too slippery.

Looks like a good deflection for the Glens.

Big Glen couldn’t be quite as flexible because of little Glen.

In the hole for three points!

But it looked like Glive was his cute good luck charm!

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