Daily Archives: August 11, 2011

Feeling the Blues at Toys R Us

Buzz Lightyears in boxes . . . just like in “Toy Story 2”

Note to self: When you’re feeling melancholy about your sons growing up, do NOT go to Toys R Us! Well, at least not without a tissue.

I was at TRU looking for a gift while my younger son was off playing disc golf in Rochester, New York, and his older brother was hanging out with friends. As I walked through those familiar doors that my sons used to run through as fast as they could to marvel at the treasures lying within, I felt like I had been transported back in time.

Gotta catch ’em all!

Reminders of their childhood were scattered all over the store, much like my memories of that more-innocent time when a trip to TRU was the perfect salve after a painful shot or a wonderful reward for good grades.

Now Gordon talks!

I felt weepy as I remembered the hours of fun times the boys had with their metal Thomas the tank engine trains. Clean up of tears on aisle five!

Would I go back to those pre-teen times? Definitely not to when they were potty training!

This is the latest edition of the Power Rangers.

I’ve always been one of those moms who loves living in the moment with my boys. It was hard for me to ever imagine them older than they were. As much fun as we used to have zooming little cars around the living room or battling with light sabers, I really appreciate my guys at ages 19 and 16.

Oh, we still have a good time together, just now it revolves around computers, video games, and real cars that they can actually drive. They’ve moved past the toy store phase. And I guess I should, too.

Still, every now and then I know I’ll be hit with those my-kids-are-too-old-for-Toys-R-Us blues.