Daily Archives: August 16, 2011

Say Soy Cheese!

A wonderful gift from my older son: A rare smile while being photographed! (photo snapped by my younger son)

Yesterday was my 58th birthday (not sure how that happened!), which meant I faced the dilemma that most photographers must eventually confront:

Who would take photos?

Now it’s my #1 son’s turn to play photographer.

Sure, it’s fairly easy to whip out the old point and shoot for the occasion. However, I’m usually disappointed with the results, especially when snapped indoors. And with the temperatures in the Houston area setting a record for being at least 100 degrees for 14 straight days, we didn’t want to chance melting as we posed. Being outdoors was not an option!

Since setting up the tripod and remembering how to use the self-timer was too much trouble, I opted to trust the males in my family with my beloved Nikon D700. Which I prefocused and preset for them, of course.

Are we boring you, Mister?

So all my sons had to do was point and shoot. And then we had to wake up the snoozing Mister to take the best pic of all.

The Mister is a worthy assistant.

I’d say that all three of them did a terrific job! And I’m grateful that my wonderful memories of my special day were documented for my much-loved sons to always remember me by.

That was the best gift of all.