Splashing Away the End of Summer

My older son flies down the Texas Freefall.

The Mister and I made a supreme sacrifice yesterday: We took our two sons and our “third son,” Chase, to SplashTown, a local water park.

Chase and my #2 son surround my #1 son on the lazy river.

We had promised our sons a water park trip before the end of summer and were almost running out of time—our older boy returns to UTSA this weekend, while high school starts for the younger one Monday. Unfortunately, they figured out our apparently ineffective stall tactics, so off to SplashTown we traveled.

Even though it’s been around since before our sons were born, we’d never been to SplashTown. We ended up being very impressed with the park—although not nearly as big as the better-known Schlitterbahn, it was clean, and there weren’t as many people with too-many tattoos and too-little bathing suits on too-big bodies.

My guys slowly travel along the lazy river.

Although it was nice being surrounded by cool water, there was no masking the fact that it was 104 degrees in Houston. Too few clouds in the sky added to our misery when we were out of the water. Oh, how the Mister and I were longing for air conditioning after an hour or so!

The Mister shows off his floating prowess.

While the three boys went on every ride, which included the Stingray Racer (a six-lane octopus racer), Tornado, and Big Spin, the Mister and I enjoyed the lazy river (which was too slow-moving even for a big chicken like me), the wave pool, and the blue lagoon activity pool . . . which was for little kids. Just my speed! It was fun watching the tykes splashing about while we sat on submerged benches with water spraying over our heads.

Water spews out over the blue lagoon.

I brought my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 waterproof camera to document our memories. When I look at the photos, I’ll always be reminded of how much fun the boys had. On the way home, they blah-blah-blathered on and on about the rides. It sounded like almost everything they tried, they liked.

Somehow, though, they managed to avoid the blue lagoon and being embarrassed by their parents among the toddlers.

2 responses to “Splashing Away the End of Summer

  1. Too funny! EM, you are our Erma Bombeck. I am with you in the chicken crowd. Even two year old Zeke will go down alone on those twisty-turny slides that I am afraid to go on, I just don’t know what happened to us, EM! As far as the nearly vertical slide that Jake was going down–never!!! That slide had to be something out of one of my scariest nightmares!!!

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