Reflections On a Difficult Week

Early morning reflections are captured by my iPhone 4.

Here’s a quick update on the educational situation with my younger son:

My 16-year-old only made it through that first day of high school. When I picked him up at 2:30 p.m., he told me how he liked most of his classes and teachers. That if he just didn’t have his problem with sitting in class, he’d like to continue going.

Unfortunately, he does have psychosomatic issues . . . serious ones stemming from what happened last spring . . . that make him feel miserable in a classroom. After a veritable roller coaster of emotions Monday evening, he sadly concluded that he couldn’t return to his high school . . . or any setting where he has to sit for long periods of time.

So the Mister and I mulled over our options and concluded we only had one right now: Online high school. We’ve applied to Texas Tech University ISD and hope to have our son rockin’ and rollin’ in its program sometime next week. He will take the exact same courses that he would’ve this junior year at his physical high school . . . except it won’t be a similar experience at all.

I was almost crying when I signed the papers to officially withdraw him from high school. Oh, what my precious son will be giving up by being schooled at his iMac! No talking to friends as they pass in the crowded hallways. No laughing and chatting with his buddies during lunch. No fun and spirited class discussions. No track practice. No photo in the yearbook. My heart breaks for him.

My biggest fear? That his close friends will forget about him, making him feel even more invisible than ever. To be stuck only socializing with your overstressed mom is no fun at all. Especially one who has gotten very used to her me time.

I think there’s hope for my boy, of course. The Mister and I are going to search for a talented cognitive behavioral therapist who can help our younger son overcome his school anxiety and once again sit in a classroom, to learn and to take the SAT/ACT. Perhaps he even can return to his high school second semester (the online program mimics the school year, so he would stay on track).

And I believe that everything happens for a reason. Just think what a great college essay subject this will be!

6 responses to “Reflections On a Difficult Week

  1. I like what you said about everything happening for a reason. This may not be the usual, narrow path of high school but I think everyone touched by CJ, and especially CJ himself, will find a host of silver linings along the way. Onward and upward!

  2. My two sons (about a year older than your two sons) both attended online school. It was (and is) a positive experience for them, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. My younger son still has one year left. He socializes on the Internet and at church. He has been a member of our Pathfinder Club for the last eight years, and this year he’s coming on as a staff member. It doesn’t need to be an isolating experience. I wish you and him luck!

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