Such a Sad Summer

I sure miss my dragonflies! (August 2010)

The Houston area has been suffering through an extended drought all year. Everyone’s grass looks brown in places, not helped at all by our unrelenting heat (today’s expected high? 105 flippin’ degrees!).

Where did our petunias go?

Personally, our front yard landscaping has taken a beating. Our agapanthas didn’t bloom, our Knock Out roses refused to show up, and our petunias literally disappeared after a couple months.

Our society garlic hasn't been sociable to dragonflies this summer.

Which probably is why there have been no dragonflies visiting us this summer, unlike last year when we usually had one friendly flyer almost every day in August (three entertained us on one amazing day!).

Hello, gorgeous! (August 2010)

Oh, how I miss seeing their cute, little faces as they posed on our plants just beyond our front door! I still check for them every day, only to be disappointed. This has been such a sad, hot, dry summer for us. Will it ever end?

Hope does spring eternal, though! Not only is Thursday’s high supposed to be a relatively “balmy” 86 degrees, but . . . wait for it . . . rain actually is forecasted. It could make for a wet Labor Day weekend, but, hey, we need it, and we’ll take it!

Hope it’s good weather for the dragonflies, wherever they are.

2 responses to “Such a Sad Summer

  1. Oh I hope you get some rain soon. We seem to be coming out of our 10 year drought…albeit with floods and cyclones, but there is food for our natives now.

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