Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

My Pants Are On Fire

The hot tub

Want to know what makes me feel old? Lower back pain. The aching came on suddenly Sunday evening, and before long I was hobbling around as if I needed a cane and a senior citizen’s home.

When Bayer Back and Body didn’t knock out the throbbing yesterday, I decided to climb into our literal hot tub (the 104-degree air temperature made the water temp 90 degrees) and try to soak my discomfort away. Ah, it felt so good!

What have we here?!?

As I was letting one of the hot tub’s jets work on my back, I looked at the brick wall that surrounds our backyard. Remember the last time I did that while in the hot tub? Once again, I couldn’t believe my eyes: Hanging out near the grass was a pennant dragonfly! And right after I had typed my latest blog post about not seeing any of my favorite flyers this summer (not that this was happening in our front yard . . . but, still, the timing!).

Love those wings!

Just call me an accidental liar liar.