Daily Archives: September 2, 2011

Body and Sole

Notice a difference (besides the dirt) between these two right shoes?

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned that my back has been hurting since Sunday. I had no trouble (except with the oppressive heat and humidity) completing an eight-mile run and one-mile cooldown walk that morning. I felt fine until the early evening when pain shot through my lower back after I got up from a chair.

Since then, as long as I’m moving or standing, all is right with my physical world. But if I sit for very long, the aching returns. Which is one reason why my blog posts have been pretty short this week—I’m not a talented, stand-up typist.

After a couple days of listening to me moan and complain, the Mister said, “Could it be your running shoes?” Of course I scoffed. I remember checking my Nike Air Pegasus recently to make sure I wasn’t wearing down the heels (I’m a notorious heel striker), and they had looked fine.

The heel on the new Pegs’ right shoe (left) looks so much better than the old one!

Wednesday I finally decided to look at the soles of my shoes again. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the black rubber on the right heel was almost totally gone. Even worse? The realization that I would have to admit to the Mister that he was . . . gulp! . . . right.

I hate when that happens!