Body and Sole

Notice a difference (besides the dirt) between these two right shoes?

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned that my back has been hurting since Sunday. I had no trouble (except with the oppressive heat and humidity) completing an eight-mile run and one-mile cooldown walk that morning. I felt fine until the early evening when pain shot through my lower back after I got up from a chair.

Since then, as long as I’m moving or standing, all is right with my physical world. But if I sit for very long, the aching returns. Which is one reason why my blog posts have been pretty short this week—I’m not a talented, stand-up typist.

After a couple days of listening to me moan and complain, the Mister said, “Could it be your running shoes?” Of course I scoffed. I remember checking my Nike Air Pegasus recently to make sure I wasn’t wearing down the heels (I’m a notorious heel striker), and they had looked fine.

The heel on the new Pegs’ right shoe (left) looks so much better than the old one!

Wednesday I finally decided to look at the soles of my shoes again. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the black rubber on the right heel was almost totally gone. Even worse? The realization that I would have to admit to the Mister that he was . . . gulp! . . . right.

I hate when that happens!

4 responses to “Body and Sole

  1. I hate admitting that I’m wrong to the Mister as well! At least you found out what is causing the pain so you can keep up your running! Besides, getting new shoes is pretty fun!

  2. Score one for Rick!

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