Where There’s Smoke

Smoke fills the sky over I–10 near Columbus.

Today is not a good Labor Day for people in Columbus and Austin, Texas, where wildfires have been raging since yesterday.

The fire actually is towards the left.

As we were driving home to Houston after a pleasant weekend visit with our older son in San Antonio, the sky started to darken along I–10 near Columbus. The distinctive smell of smoke filled the air, as traffic slowed down to see what was burning. Apparently, that particular wildfire in our tinderbox of a state was too far away from the highway, though.

Our drought is starting to take a dire toll. Texas desperately needs rain.

We almost are in the smoke.

And those who have lost their houses to the wildfires, as well as those who are fighting the infernos, need our prayers. Stay safe!

4 responses to “Where There’s Smoke

  1. Wow EM! I have never seen smoke like that. I don’t understand–weren’t you pretty far away from Austin?

  2. Oh my, the horror and devastation of fire. Lord please bring the rain and keep everyone safe.

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