A Walk Bears Fruit

A sign at an entrance to UTSA’s campus

While the Mister and our younger son enjoyed sweet slumber last Sunday morning in our hotel room, I ventured out to clear my head during a five-mile walk on the University of Texas at San Antonio’s campus.

I made sure to wave when I walked past my older son’s dorm, not that he was stirring at that early hour.

A brightly painted mural

There was little activity on campus as I walked and not much that caught my eye and my iPhone 4’s camera. Oh, I did admire this beautiful mural (by Santa Contreras Barraza) on the ceiling of a small rotunda outside the biosciences building.

Heavy metal

As well as this interesting metal sculpture, which was near the mural. Otherwise, the landscape was fairly unremarkable.

Prickly pear cacti abound.

Unless you were into cacti! I found patches of the prickly pear variety almost everywhere I walked. It’s the one plant that actually is thriving during our drought.

These cacti come bearing fruit!

I was particularly intrigued by some of the cacti, which were sprouting red fruit.

Prickly pear fruit add color to the usual green of the plant.

Not only was the fruit’s color a nice contrast to the cacti’s green, but it definitely gave a lift to the parched, brown grass.

The fruit nestles between the cactus leaves.

It gave my photographic spirits a lift, too!

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