Random Snippets

Dandy indeed!

Wednesday was my 700th blog post! Wow!! I’ve posted every Monday through Friday since January 5, 2009. Thanks to those of you who’ve been faithfully reading my ramblings.

I’d feel more like celebrating if . . . my lower back wasn’t hurting me so much. Looks like the new running shoes have not been the solution, unfortunately. I take it back, Mister!

Sitting even for short periods of time causes pain, so I’m making this, my 702nd post, a short one. I’m hoping a weekend of stretching, avoiding my office chair (which never has bothered me before), and running nine miles tomorrow will right my aching ship.

That and lots of ibuprofen!

4 responses to “Random Snippets

  1. Many congratulations and thank you’s EM. You have helped me start my mornings right as I read your blog every weekday!

  2. Congratulations! Ouch to pain, I am having the same problem, except I only run 3klm! Not 9 miles! wooahh! Natxx

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