High School Football Is Hot!

Taylor, our quarterback, is ready to rifle a pass.

When I think of high school football, I almost can feel the cool, crisp evenings.

Then I open my eyes and face reality.

Josh K. is about to catch Taylor’s pass in front of the slower defender.

Clearly, I’m totally dreaming about what the weather should be like. After all, here in the Houston area, we’re still enduring temperatures around 100 degrees. Will our heat and drought ever end?

See ya later, gator!

Even though it might not seem like football weather, very little stops our state’s favorite sport from being played. So last Thursday night against a non-district opponent, my sons’ high school team took the field and put on quite an entertaining show. It included a touchdown on our first offensive possession (the sequence shown above).

Dylan sacks the opposing quarterback.

While our offense scored three touchdowns, it was our defense that really sparkled.

Josh R. celebrates with Dylan.

The guys were pumped up!

Trevor flips the ballcarrier.

There was plenty of hard hitting. I think after awhile our opponent got a little gun-shy.

As the runner falls, Dylan (top right) is ready to make sure he stays down.

Can you blame them? Our guys were ready to rock ’n roll!

Of course, our team had something to prove, both to our opponent and itself. Last season our Bulldogs finally won a game after 19 straight losses spread over three years. It came in the penultimate contest, and it propelled our team and fans into believing that this season would be something special.

Unfortunately, we lost our first two non-district games. But then last Thursday with me snapping away in the stands?

We scored 21 points and a shutout!

Celebrate good times! Here’s hoping for more wins than losses this season. Goooooo, Bulldogs!


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