Daily Archives: September 23, 2011

Reuniting . . . and It Feels So Good

The serious look wasn’t attractive for me as a high school senior.

I attended my 40th high school reunion last Saturday night . . . why does that make it sound like I’m ancient? Calling it the fourth anniversary of my 10-year reunion does take the sting out of it, I’ll admit.

I had been to almost all my previous Waukegan High School Class of 1971 get-togethers, so I pretty much knew what to expect. This time we met at a country club in Waukegan, which is north of Chicago. As I was driving my mom’s Honda Civic there, I was wondering who would show up. Maybe someone I hadn’t seen for awhile? Lots of our 800 alums have been missing in action over the years.

Wendy, Sue, and I pose at our reunion. (Photo snapped by Ruth)

Oh, I knew I’d have fun talking and reminiscing with my good friends Wendy (who I dubbed “Wendolph” way back when, because I thought Wendy was too short of a name), Sue, Gloria, and Ruth (my buddy since sixth grade). And I figured I’d be marveling at how Judi and Mary Kay looked like they walked right out of high school . . . they’ve hardly changed a bit!

In fact, for the most part the gals all looked really good, while the guys were showing their age. It was nice to see that most of the women, like me, weren’t dying their hair and were embracing their grayness. Or are they just cheap like me?

One fellow alum I was wishing would show up was Laura S., who I’d met freshman year in homeroom and instantly liked. She hadn’t been to a reunion before, and I really wanted to catch up with what’s been going on in her life since, oh, high school graduation.

Guess who decided to finally make a reunion appearance? Laura! She was one of the first alums I saw when I walked in, and it was great hearing about her life in San Diego. Just like it was wonderful reconnecting with everyone else I talked to, both the women and the men.

When we sat down to talk and remember, the gals and I reminisced about former teachers (especially those who taught P.E.) and favorite classes. Oh, the laughter! But what I thought was neat was how much we all loved raising our kids and how much we miss being so involved with their lives, a universal theme among my pals.

Well, they were the ones missing all the hoopla, because they all have older kids. In fact, Gloria’s oldest grandchild is only two years younger than my #2 son! I was pretty sure that I had the youngest child from a first marriage.

I wish the Internet and Facebook had been around in the early 1970s; it’s so much easier now to stay in touch by being online. But even with those tools, it’s always fun to get together every now and then and enjoy recalling the good, old days with cherished friends.