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Here’s looking (not quite) at you!

Eye want to wish you all a . . . .

A ghost and a pumpkin all a-glow

Happy Halloween!

Surprise Visitors

Hello, cutie!

When I walked past my front door this morning on the way into my office, something hanging on the bricks outside caught my eye. I took a closer look . . . and ran for my Nikon dSLR. It was a big, green dragonfly!

Such a poser!

I think because it’s windy and chilly (believe it or not!) this morning, the dragonfly wanted to get out of the elements and rest for awhile. I’m so glad he chose the brick by my front door!

I believe that dragonflies are lucky, so I’m always glad to see them around me.

A second green dragonfly clings to the wall close to his buddy.

Especially when there are two of them! Happy double-lucky Friday, y’all!!

Sprinkler Beauty

A water droplet rests on a rose bush’s leaf.

Take our sprinkler system.

Droplets form a lovely pattern.

Add the re-emergence of our front-yard Knock Out roses after being dormant all summer.

Droplets caress a rose.

What does that equal?

Roses can never have too many water drops!

A macro photographer’s dream!

(Technical details: Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm lens)

One-Word Wednesday

A Christmas tree decorates the entrance of my local mall. What happened to waiting until after Halloween?


I snapped my self-portrait with my iPhone 4S in a large ornament.

Disc Golf Glow

The setting sun backlights a disc golf basket.

Every time my guys are playing disc golf at our local park, I hope that I’m able to snap a sensational silhouette shot of them as the sun sets in the distance. But I’ve always been stymied.

My younger son putts in the gloaming.

Until last week. Finally got it!!


What were they thinking?

Do you really need the dictionary to give you the meaning of “irony?” I think this photo I snapped with my iPhone 4S last weekend does a better job!

It also gave me my laugh for the day. Merry Monday!

Photo Leftovers

A big mushroom up close and personal

I thought I’d end the week with more pix from my recent photo walkabout.

Love how the red pops amid all that green.

Jan, my college roommate, made a wonderful comment on Facebook after reading yesterday’s blog:

A sprinkler refreshes the parched grass.

“Imagine how happy everyone would be if they started their day with a walk and focused on observing all the beauty everywhere . . . just waiting for you to look around.”

Moving sluggishly along

I agree, Jan. Even the slugs seem to glow in the early-morning light!

Photo Walkabout

The sun rises on a new day.

When I jog through our neighboring master-planned community, I’m usually frustrated at the photos I’m missing. Of course, I’m supposed to be focusing on my long run, not snapping away with my iPhone. And, of course, a camera built into a phone (even Apple’s wonderful version) can’t hold a candle to a digital SLR. Which I’m not about to carry while I run.

Purply weeds grow near a lake.

So I decided to solve the problem by taking a photo walk with my Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm lens.

A drop of water dangles from a plant.

I traveled by foot a couple miles and immersed myself in a beautiful day filled with nature’s wonders.

Petunias grow wild.

I was very relieved that there were no bees or wasps chasing me for a change. That’s definitely a plus about shooting in early fall.

Sun kisses the weeds.

The morning sun pleasantly lit Mother Nature’s work. Even the weeds looked pretty!

Wisps of red are attractive.

I was a little frustrated, though, that I wasn’t seeing much in the way of butterflies, skippers, or dragonflies. Until I shot some wispy plants.

A blue damselfly colors the landscape.

Hiding inside (but not from my camera) was a beautiful, blue damselfly! That made my day.

“S” is for Susan . . . or shadow.

Taking the time to shoot with my good camera equipment during a walk was great exercise . . . both photographic and cardio!

One-Word Wednesday

Early-morning fog enshrouds cyclists (left) and my running path ahead. (iPhone 4S)


Easy Peasy, Gettin’ Squeezy!

The 3D mammography machine that I got up close and personal with yesterday.

Notice a lot of pink on webpages online and people in line? October is Breast Cancer Awareness month . . . and has been for 25 years.

Personally, I don’t need a pastel color to remind me of this horrible disease. My mom and great-aunt are survivors, and I’ve lost an aunt and one acquaintance to it. My pal Janet E. has battled breast cancer for many years. And now my friend Sheri is newly diagnosed, undergoing the first of 16 chemo treatments yesterday.

I’m so bummed out. They are two of the nicest people I know.

When Sheri told me that her cancer was discovered via a mammogram, I remembered that I needed to schedule one. Yesterday was squeeze day. I opted for a 3D mammography machine, figuring the more information the better. As I gritted my teeth and waited for the pinch that can save your life, I thought about how grateful I was that we have advanced technology that can see what’s going on deep in our tissues.

Now we need a cure and the end to so much suffering.

Is it time for a mammogram? Go get squeezed!

And please keep Janet and Sheri in your thoughts.