Easy Peasy, Gettin’ Squeezy!

The 3D mammography machine that I got up close and personal with yesterday.

Notice a lot of pink on webpages online and people in line? October is Breast Cancer Awareness month . . . and has been for 25 years.

Personally, I don’t need a pastel color to remind me of this horrible disease. My mom and great-aunt are survivors, and I’ve lost an aunt and one acquaintance to it. My pal Janet E. has battled breast cancer for many years. And now my friend Sheri is newly diagnosed, undergoing the first of 16 chemo treatments yesterday.

I’m so bummed out. They are two of the nicest people I know.

When Sheri told me that her cancer was discovered via a mammogram, I remembered that I needed to schedule one. Yesterday was squeeze day. I opted for a 3D mammography machine, figuring the more information the better. As I gritted my teeth and waited for the pinch that can save your life, I thought about how grateful I was that we have advanced technology that can see what’s going on deep in our tissues.

Now we need a cure and the end to so much suffering.

Is it time for a mammogram? Go get squeezed!

And please keep Janet and Sheri in your thoughts.


4 responses to “Easy Peasy, Gettin’ Squeezy!

  1. We all fear that disease!

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