Basking in the Glow of Our Family Together

My #1 son went from rumpled to rad!

We hadn’t seen my older son in person since the Labor Day weekend. We’re thankful for Skype and Face Time, but they just don’t replace actually being able to hug a live person . . . especially when that person is someone you miss every single day he’s at college.

This past weekend we drove to San Antonio and spent time with #1 again. As I hugged him close, one thought went through my mind: This boy needs a haircut STAT! His hair was curly and unruly, a veritable lint catcher that looked like it had never been combed.

So that became a priority. As you can see in the top photo, getting his hair cut and his scraggly beard trimmed made a marked difference in #1’s appearance . . . and his demeanor. He knew he was too cool for school!

Of course, that wasn’t all we did with our boy. We fed his yearning for Pei Wei and Buffalo Wild Wings (he doesn’t have a car on campus) and saw “In Time.”

This is a lovely spot on the UTSA campus.

And, naturally, there was disc golf to be played. Unlike last year when we traveled to an actual course, the guys found a large, tree-filled field on the University of Texas at San Antonio campus and were content to just throw.

My younger son drives among the trees.

As long as you have discs, you always can find a place to practice.

Cacti are ever present on campus.

And as long as that practice place is in a field, the photographer mom will be content. For this trip I opted to bring my Nikon 24-70mm lens in hopes that I could get a decent photo of my sons together.

A dash of purple is welcome amidst all the green.

That glass can’t replace the Nikon 105mm for macro pix, but it proved to be up to the task.

The boys “happily” pose for Mom.

Plus it definitely was the right lens for the job when it came down to snapping a brotherly portrait outside my older son’s dorm.

The sunset in my Honda Pilot’s side-view mirror. (50mm lens)

On the way back to Houston that evening, I basked in the glow of the glorious sunset behind us and the feeling that everything was right in my world. Seeing my beloved son was the exact medicine I needed to shake me out of the funk I’ve been in lately.

I just hope it lasts until we see him again at Thanksgiving.


2 responses to “Basking in the Glow of Our Family Together

  1. Hooray for getting the whole family together! I’m super jealous and I know I’m definitely looking forward to my whole family being together for Thanksgiving!

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