The Wide View

It looks like Eric is putting on top of the world!

When it comes to photography, most of the time I’m in a zoom mode. Shooting action pix means that I’m trying to get as close as I can to my subject and (usually) the ball or disc. I love seeing expressions close up.

The Texas and American flags flutter in the wind.

But last week when I was snapping shots with my iPhone 4S of my younger son and our pal Eric playing disc golf, I discovered something new: I loved the iPhone camera’s great wide-angle view!

The sun sets amid the clouds.

The iPhone’s digital zoom is pathetic. Of course, digital zoom is an abomination in any camera, barely better than no photo at all.

The darkening sky tells us it’s almost time to quit playing.

But that same iPhone camera shines when the angle is wide. It’s able to tell more of the photographic story.

Eric watches my younger son putt in the gloaming.

Every now and then even sports photographers need to widen their view!


3 responses to “The Wide View

  1. Beautiful photography! I hope you don’t mind if I use one of your photographs as a precursor to my poem, giving full credit of course. 🙂

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