Two Swans A-Swimming

Swans swim in the early-morning light.

Even though it’s not after Thanksgiving, I decided to break out the Christmas music for my 13-mile jog yesterday. Usually I wait until after the gobble holiday, but I figured I’d need a lift what with Mother Nature refusing to acknowledge that this is mid-November. It was 72 degrees at 6 a.m.! Totally miserable.

As I weebled along the lake in our neighboring master-planned community, I saw a couple swans a-swimming.

Where are the drummers drumming?

Too bad I didn’t have the “Twelve Days of Christmas” on my iPod shuffle!


6 responses to “Two Swans A-Swimming

  1. I’m with you; November is supposed to at least be CHILLY!!!! But unlike you, I am sitting in a/c, not out sweating buckets. Good for you for running and swimming at the same time….swimming in humidity,that is!

  2. 13 miles? You go, girl!

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