Danged Dipping Dragonfly

Not a very inspiring photo

This is the story of some frustrating photography.

After I pulled into our garage Sunday morning and got out of my Honda Pilot, I looked at our driveway. Dancing, darting, and dipping around it was a beautiful, blue dragonfly! It mesmerized me for minutes until I suddenly realized . . . hey, go grab your Nikon dSLR!

Marginally better

Which I did. And then I spent awhile trying to catch the danged darter with my lens. It wasn’t easy!

You can kind of tell what it is.

That darned dragonfly kept moving to and fro all around the driveway, refusing to alight.

Flying high among an abstract-looking tree

In situations like this, manual focus is your friend. But you’ve got to be as fast as the flyer, and that ain’t easy.

Just stop for one minute, please!

If only the darting d-fly would rest on the fence or bush or, gosh, anywhere, I could get a decent photo. But it just kept dancing around.

A nearby spectator

Why couldn’t the dragonfly be like this gecko and pose for me? Guess that would make it less challenging . . . which was fine with me.

Got it!

After what seemed like an eternity, the dragonfly finally hung in the air in front of me for about ten seconds, allowing me to snap a halfway-decent photo. And then it flitted away.

Leaving me only with a bunch of mediocre pictures. Definitely an unhappy ending!

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