Ducking My Responsibilities

A whistler duck stands alone close to the lake.

Yesterday I wanted to resign as a mom.

My younger son and I were butting heads once again. Trying to help him deal with online high school, which is so much harder than being in a regular classroom, and everything life is tossing at him made me want to throw in the towel. Wave the white flag. Just plain surrender.

Shoo, ducks!

But then I took a four-mile walk in this morning’s 43-degree chill around one of the lakes in our community. The effect? Instant calm. As I drank in nature’s beauty and sadly told the ducks (who double as pigs) that I had no food for them, I was glad. Glad to have another day on earth. Glad to have another chance to help the child I love more than life itself right his ship and try to sail straight into having a happy, productive life.

Once again, I’ve told myself to just keep breathing. Everything happens for a reason. Good things will come from all of this.

Sometimes I even believe what I tell myself.

2 responses to “Ducking My Responsibilities

  1. A good thing for all of us to remember! What you are doing is so important but you can’t expect anything but grief from him about it until he is around 30 or so, when he will finally appreciate ti!

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