Colorful Car Wash

The windshield gets sudsy.

Know what’s fun to do as you sit in your car during an automated wash?

Brushing off those suds on the windshield.

Take photos with your iPhone 4S!

Now it’s time for multi-colored suds.

My Honda Pilot has needed a good bath for months now. With a Groupon for a local car wash about to expire, it seemed like a great time to finally own a clean vehicle.

Are green suds really cleansing?

As I was snapping away, one thing became crystal clear (well, besides my windshield eventually):

Amoeba suds!

The car wash is a colorful experience! There are no dull, lifeless moments.

Is that the grungy light at the end of the tunnel?

Except as you near the end. But before you know it . . . .

That’s better!

All is merry and bright once again!


4 responses to “Colorful Car Wash

  1. I’ve often been entranced with the bubbles out the windows at the car wash. Thanks for bringing it to us! I sure do hope you are feeling better dear Sis!

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