Fabulous Fall Foliage

Gorgeous! (iPhone 4S)

The Houston area is doing its best imitation of a New England fall right now.

Love the spectacular red colors

We don’t want the cold, but we do appreciate the gorgeous colors in mid-December.

Everywhere you look there’s color.

It’s wonderful to walk around our neighborhood and see this explosion of brilliant hues.

Too bad the pretty leaves already are “leaving” their branches.

Whether I’m snapping photos while walking with my Nikon D700 or with my iPhone 4S at the end of a 10-mile run, I come to the same conclusion:

This tree features a cornucopia of fall shades. (iPhone 4S)

This is a pretty time of year to be living in Houston! It almost makes it worth putting up with our torturously hot summers.


2 responses to “Fabulous Fall Foliage

  1. Wow, EM,

    All of them are so gorgeous. They couldn’t have all been taken with your iPhone. Do you ever print and blow up any of our own pictures to decorate your home. some of these are so Monet like!!

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