Confused Mini Menorah

The unplugged version of the USB mini menorah . . . complete with missing “candle.”

I bought this cute mini menorah at Target, just in time for Chanukah. When you plug it into the USB port of a computer, it lights up in a multitude of cool colors.

Sidebar: Unfortunately, I dropped the box containing the menorah, breaking off a “candle.” I like to think it makes it unique . . . rather than it makes me a klutz.

I’ll have a blue Chanukah.

Blue is a natural color for a menorah, because it’s one of the traditional Chanukah colors (along with white and silver). But the little candelabrum’s manufacturer decided to throw in a bunch of other hues for our viewing pleasure.

Barney the dinosaur’s favorite shade

Like purple.

The power of gold

And gold. After that, the color choices are downright mystifying . . . if you’re Jewish.

The red is very bright.

Hmmm . . . red reminds me of another holiday that’s popular this time of year.

This color would blend in on a Christmas tree!

And green?

I think our USB mini menorah is a little too festive for Chanukah!



2 responses to “Confused Mini Menorah

  1. So cute and colorful. Will they light one day at a time?

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