“Sherlock Holmes”: Time to Replace RDJ

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) matches wits with Professor James Moriarty.

During the holiday season, we tend to give our AMC Stubs card quite a workout. It’s always been a great time for our family to see movies.

First we opted for “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” the sequel to the very successful 2009 movie. Even though the critics mostly panned this newer edition, we wanted to continue to follow Sherlock’s adventures. And we were glad we did! All four of us really liked the movie.

Jude Law returns as Dr. Watson.

Your first question could be: Is the sequel better than or as good as the original? Quite honestly, none of us could even remember the first flick! Is that what happens when you watch a lot of movies? Or is nothing sticking to our gray matter these days?

Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) makes his appearance.

Either way, “A Game of Shadows” stands well on its own. Jude Law returns as Holmes’ trusty assistant, Dr. Watson, and Jared Harris gives an impressive turn as Professor Moriarty, Holmes’ wily adversary. The first part of the movie is pretty slow, but it really picks up in the second half and is quite entertaining.

My biggest problem with this Sherlock Holmes movie? Three words: Robert Downey Jr.

Sidebar: In my mind, I heard “Barty Crouch . . . Junior” from the fourth Harry Potter movie.

I like RDJ in the “Ironman” series, but I think he’s pretty wretched as Sherlock Holmes, because of his weak British accent. Isn’t there an actor in all of England who is better suited to play the great detective?

Perhaps we need to get Sherlock Holmes and Watson on the case!


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