Weather Watching Again

The weather according to my iMac

Yes, I’m at it again—for the seventh time I’m running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon through the streets of Houston Sunday, which means I’ve been obsessively checking out weather websites all week.

Accuweather’s take on the forecast

Like most runners, I prefer cool temperatures for long runs like this 13.1-miler. But I don’t like it cold (it was 27 degrees overnight, so I’m glad the race wasn’t today) or too warm like last year (60 degrees). For me, about 50 degrees with a light breeze is just perfect. But like me, Houston’s weather tends to be far from perfect, especially on race day.

Here’s what the National Weather Service says.

As you can see from the three photos, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what the low temperature will be Sunday morning. But I have a feeling it’ll be about 45 degrees, which means a short-sleeve t-shirt and shorts for me (the temps were similar in 2010). It’ll be chilly at the start, but it shouldn’t be too warm by the time I jog past the finish line (hopefully).

After that, I’m looking forward to resting my legs and rooting our Houston Texans on to victory against the hated Baltimore Ravens in the NFL playoffs. Gooooo, Texans!

Running for a Reason

It’s not too late to help me raise money for the Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure! I really appreciate the support. I’ll be thinking about my friends Sheri and Janet as I’m jogging along—they will inspire me to keep pressing onward. Plus I know I’ll get a lift at mile 10 when I remember Rob T., who just underwent a long, harrowing surgery for neurofibrosarcoma. There’s no way I can have my usual pity party there when I consider what he’s had to endure (he’s also a stage IV tonsilar cancer survivor).

Thanks for being on my shoulders Sunday, Sheri, Janet, and Rob!

2 responses to “Weather Watching Again

  1. Good luck this weekend Ms. Susan! You’ll do great and who knows…maybe I’ll see you there! By the way, my parents and JP will be at Montrose and West Grey cheering people on so be on the lookout!

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