Video Silliness

My older son confers with his friend Tanner during a break in the filming.

During his month-long winter break, my #1 son read 10 books (eight from the library), played Team Fortress 2 (an apparently addicting online videogame) for hours and hours, ate, and slept. His only real worthwhile moments?

The writer, producer, director, and star smiles.

Producing two videos for his video production company, Stickless StickShift, both of which he wrote, directed, and starred in. Our “third” son, Chase, helped him with the first silly one, Holiday Skittles.

Tanner and my younger son are ready for a fight.

For the second video, which pokes fun at actor Steven Seagal (it’s called “Steven Seagull Stars in: Taking Out the Trash”), my creative collegian enlisted the help of his always-handy sidekick younger brother, as well as his good buddy (since the third grade) Tanner. They had a great time flubbing their lines, falling all over the place, and just basically acting like the goofy kids they are.

My sons and Tanner enjoy watching their handiwork.

Besides enjoying watching them have so much fun, I got to help out by occasionally turning the camcorder on and off (I gots skillz!). My older son also had me do a voiceover as Seagull’s wife asking him to take out the trash. However, he decided not to use it, because he said I sounded too much like a mom.

Hey, I resemble that remark!


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