Movie Reviews: Double Feature

Katherine Heigl plays a credible Stephanie Plum.

Way back when our two now high school juniors played youth football together, my pal Robin and I would sit on the sidelines discussing a matter of utmost importance: Who would we cast if Janet Evanovich’s wildly popular Stephanie Plum novels were made into movies? Our most-pressing casting decision? Who would play Plum’s love interests, Joe Morelli and Ranger. We knew that would be key to our enjoyment of the flicks.

Plum mixes it up with Joe Morelli.

Friday night Robin, our mutual friend Nicole (aka the Hawk girl), and I finally got to see how Hollywood answered that six-year-old question when we saw “One for the Money.” It’s a fun, fluffy movie pretty much just for Evanovich fans (it’s based on her first book). For everyone else, it’s strictly rental material.

Is Daniel Sunjuta hot enough to play Ranger?

The biggest negative for me? The casting. Jason O’Mara is okay as Morelli, a cop who’s trying to prove his innocence while Plum, a novice bounty hunter, tries to bag him for needed rent money. But Daniel Sunjuta as Ranger, the slim, mysterious Latin hunk who helps get Stephanie out of jams? No way! What a bummer!

Sherri Shepherd is wonderful as Lula, while Debbie Reynolds (Grandma Mazur) and Katherine Heigl (I pretty much like her in everything she does, so I think she’s okay as Stephanie) are fine. But I wish the casting agent had given more thought to the all-important male leads. Especially if more of Evanovich’s books are made into movies.

I’m sure I’ll go see them . . . and I’ll still be complaining!

“Man on a Ledge”

Here’s the man on the ledge!

Cops proclaiming their innocence was the theme of my weekend movie experience. The Mister and I watched “Man on a Ledge” yesterday and really enjoyed it. No, it wasn’t seamless plotwise, but it was suspenseful, keeping us on the edge of our seats until the end.

Lydia Mercer tries to get Nick off the ledge.

Ex-cop Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) escapes from prison; he was incarcerated for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. He climbs out on a ledge at a high-rise hotel, threatening to jump. Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), a police negotiator, tries to talk him out of it. Of course, all is not what it seems.

What I liked least about the flick were the scenes of Nick looking at the crowd gathered below him—oh, how I hate heights! This isn’t great moviemaking, but it is enjoyable and interesting . . . especially at morning matinee prices.


4 responses to “Movie Reviews: Double Feature

  1. i thought the Rock – Dywane (I can’t remember his last name) should have been Ranger. I am not sure he is Latino but i always think of him when I am reading her books.

  2. Great review Susan. I agree with you, the casting missed the mark.
    Oh well, on to the next movie. Thanks for your review, it was fun seeing
    my name in your blog. =)

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