Feeling Fuzzy

My younger son puts his all into a drive.

Last week while my #2 son was practicing for a disc golf tournament at our local park, I took the opportunity to go photo exploring. I wasn’t sure what I would find, because of the Houston area’s long drought as well as it being what passes as winter. Just because it’s been mild doesn’t mean that much has been growing.

Love the sepia-ish quality of the plant, as well as the background bokeh!

What did my Nikon 105mm macro lens find? A lot of fuzz!

A close-up view of the fuzzies

It looked like some of the wildflowers had gone to seed, leaving them looking fluffy. I couldn’t help but reach over and feel the textures.

A cattail shows off its fuzzy side.

I know that in a month or so all those fuzzy plants will be replaced by new growth, ready to tantalize my macro lens. Before long those sown seeds will be sprouting around the park.

A seed pod promises new beginnings.

Looks like that time is coming soon!


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