Disc-o Fever

Eric sails a putt towards a basket.

Disc golf fever is alive and well in our little town in the Houston area, thanks to our buddy Eric.

The trees provide a handy frame.

He got the chance to organize a first-time disc golf tournament at our local park, which included designing several temporary holes around its softball fields, last Saturday.

Tiffany putts.

All the participants agreed that the course was creative and fun. Our family wasn’t at all surprised; we know how organized, meticulous, and thoughtful Eric is when it comes to disc golf.

Griff’s disc zeroes in on the basket.

But it was nice seeing Eric’s vision come to fruition and play out well for everyone involved.

Glen tees off across a softball field.

I had asked Eric if he wanted any special photos taken of the event. All he requested was one with the Discraft banner in it. That wasn’t too hard an assignment.

Here’s a bonus shot of Glen’s handsome face.

Of course, when I think about snapping special pix, I always have my favorite player in mind.

My #2 son lasers in a putt.

Watching my younger son driving and putting makes my disc golf photo fever run sky high!


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