My #1 son in more-cooperative photo days—at 10 months with the Mister

As I was trying to get a few precious hours of sleep on this day in 1992 (and poking the Mister every time I had labor pains, so he could “experience” them with me), I never thought about 2012.

Ah, that sweet smile at 14 months!

Yet here it is 20 years later!

Flashing those beautiful blue eyes in first grade

And even though it’s impossible for me to believe, I only have one teenager now.

His oh-so-handsome senior yearbook photo

My first baby boy turns 20 years old today. Amazing! One day he was born, changing our lives forever for the better. Then he crawled, walked, ran, finished high school, and now is enjoying his sophomore year in college.

My older son a few weeks ago just before he returned to UTSA

One of us is getting older!

Happiest of birthdays, my sweet, creative, funny, wonderful non-teenager!!


10 responses to “20

  1. Most amazing guy in the entire world (:

    Thought I’d leave a comment and say congrats on raising such an amazing son! I really love reading your blog and your photography is amazing as well:) THUMBS UP!:D

  2. You’re very welcome:)
    I’m planning on going to one of the art schools over there:)
    I really like the Art Institute branch of colleges over there and I found out theres one in San Antonio , Austin & Houston and they all accept international students so if things work out I’ll be able to go ! 😀

  3. Yeah? , well thats great ! 😀 we talked about it and he said he wanted to go there as far as getting into the music business goes:)

  4. Thanks for the tip 😀

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