Air Hockey

My younger son smiles in anticipation of the puck coming his way.

Getting to the movie theater early to see “Contraband” (which I wish we had missed altogether) meant that my sons could check out the arcade and play a game with the lonely dollar that their tightwad mom let escape from her wallet.

My casual older son prepares to pounce on the puck.

They opted for a spirited game of air hockey.

#2 is reflected in the table

It was fun for the Mister and I to watch our competitive guys thwack the floating disc back and forth along the table.

The puck is about to go in the slot.

The action was fast and furious . . . until suddenly there was that ominous “clunk,” signifying that one of them had scored.


Both of them had almost as much fun celebrating goals as making them. When all was said and done, the elder beat the younger, mostly because little bro knocked several pucks into his own slot. That pre-movie action provided so much laughter for all of us.

You just can’t beat fun at the old air hockey table!


2 responses to “Air Hockey

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. No wonder they’re smiling. 😀

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