Up Top, Part II

What goes up, must come down . . . but will it be through the basket?

A couple weeks after I took photos of our high school’s girls’ basketball team, it was time to snap a few of the boys. Hey, I’m nothing if not an equal-opportunity action photographer!

Our opponent Aaron slices through our defense on his way to a layup.

The lights still were bright, thank goodness. I stood at about the same spots on the walkway and tried to keep up with the elevated speed of play.

Jamarkus and Trevon try to corral a rebound.

Our opponent was our school’s arch rival as well as one of the top teams in the entire state of Texas. They could go all the way and win the title!

Mike hangs in the air as he shoots a jumper.

Even though our guys clearly were outmanned and ultimately outgunned, they never lost their spirit and motivation.

Austin drives down the court.

No team has ever won a game by just rolling over and giving up. Our boys played hard until the final buzzer.

Trevon makes a strong move towards the basket.

It’s hard not to be pushed to do your best as a photographer when your subjects are playing their hearts out. Thanks, guys!

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