Future Parenting (Conversations With My #2 Son)

Is my younger son dreaming about Luke and the gang?

The other night as the Mister, our younger son, and I were in the family room watching TV, our teenager said, “I want to talk to you about a parenting problem.”

Immediately, the Mister and I exchanged worried glances. What did we do this time? I’m sure that he was thinking of ways to blame me for whatever crime we had committed, because I was doing the same thing in my mind. Remember the last time our #2 son accused me even though I was innocent? And it really was his father’s fault?

Yep, the theme is playing in my head, too!

“When I have kids, should I have them see the ‘Star Wars’ movies in order or start with four, five, and six, which is how you both saw them when you were younger?” he asked.

Wish you could’ve seen the relief on our faces! While the Mister debated the pros and cons of seeing the six movies in order vs. the original trilogy first, I couldn’t get one thought out of my mind:

My son wants to have kids! Hooray!!


8 responses to “Future Parenting (Conversations With My #2 Son)

  1. What a great parenting question. 😀 I’ve had the same debate with some of mine over the Narnia books.

  2. Ken and I had the exact same discussion. We ended up starting Lily on #4, since that is what we saw first. We jumped around after that. Currently, she has seen 1, 4, 5, and 6…

  3. There are only 3 Star Wars movies. The second trilogy is called the ‘Episode’ trilogy and is a greatly inferior product. The best thing that you can do as a parent is to convince your kids that there are only three Star Wars films, and only one Matrix and only one Highlander.

    If you’ve done that then you’ve saved your kids a lot of heartache.

  4. Love Chris’s comment immensely! Also, only one Caddyshack : )

    This is a really sweet story! How nice CJ wants kids and clearly he’s going to take it seriously.

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