Baby G Turns One!

Baby antlers!

Remember this baby?

There’s a new sheriff in town . . . and he’s awfully cute!

Guess who’s a year old (as of February 15)?

Glive tastes his cake.

Glen V, the adorable son of our friends Kelly and Glen (IV)! Glive celebrated his birthday at a western-style home party last Saturday filled with lots of toddlers and a trio of nonwestern-wearing schlubs who, as usual, stood out like hicks at the ball. In fairness to the Mister, our younger son, and I, we didn’t get the memo about what to wear, not that that would’ve helped, of course.

Mighty good!

Yes, I’ve lived in the Houston area since 1983 and own nothing I’d be proud to wear to our annual rodeo, and the same goes for the rest of my family. That is, if we ever got to go to the rodeo (it’s outside our 10-mile travel radius, after all). We’re yahoos who rarely get to say “yeehaw.”

Sweetest little boots ever!

Meanwhile, Glive was dressed head to toe (well, when he would wear a cowboy hat) in his western best. Impossible as it seems, he looked even cuter.

Hamming it up for the Nikon

There’s one thing that’s for certain about little Glen’s future:

Love that milky, drooly grin!

He’s destined to be a heartbreaker!


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