Finally Finished!


Using the iMac’s thesaurus: Finished, completed, concluded, terminated, over (and done with), at an end; accomplished, executed, discharged, fulfilled, done; wrapped up.

Any way you say it, the conclusion is the same: My younger son is finally done with his first semester of his junior year, which he completed online. It took almost the entire six-month period he was allotted, mostly because he seriously dragged his feet on his last subject, physics. That’s hard enough in class, but it’s extraordinarily taxing when you’re on your own, especially the labs. It was no fun at all.

That’s more like it!

I’m also thrilled to report that my #2 son is so much happier than he was in 2011. Which makes his parents so much happier. He’s handling his second semester back at his public high school well (making an amazingly easy transition) and enjoys playing basketball with friends at least twice a week. He’s almost completely back to the way he was before last year reared its ugly head.

Almost . . . because he is, after all, a 16-year-old boy who loves to procrastinate and push his mom’s buttons. Still, seeing that goofy grin on his handsome face always makes me smile.

No matter how exasperated I am with him! So far, I’m loving 2012!!


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